Thursday, May 7, 2015

I am Back

I am doubt whether I can still continue earn from blogging. Since there is an opportunity, I just grab it. Never know how the results will be, but I decide to have a try. No harm to try. I didn’t lose anything. 

How long I will spend on my blog a week? I must commit before I start again, right? 

Twice a week is it enough? 

Too long never blog, I think I got lots of story to record down.

It’s time to back to blogging world.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Colourful Uniforms

I am happy when I got the uniforms. Each employee will have four T-shirts with different color. With the old design, it added up to have six uniforms for six working days.

Those work clothes for women are in grey, red, yellow, orange, black and white in color each. Even though some will feel that wearing T-shirt to work look like factory girls but I don't really care. To me, I can save cost on buying office wear and save time to iron. :p

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Forgetful Mom

Do you know how silly I am?

I told this joke to my two princesses yesterday.

I went to fetch my younger princess at her primary school yesterday after work as usual. This is my job very school day. She will wait for me at a particular place with her friends. Normally I can find her easily. But yesterday I not manage to see her there. Then I get help from the school security as parents are not allowed to enter into school area for safety purpose.

Later on about 5 minutes, then only I realized that due to UPSR exam, my younger princess's classroom had been occupied and they are off to school for four days.

OMG! Feel so shameful to tell the security that I forgot today is my girl off day... :lol:

New Date Patner

Often see my colleagues online with their mobile phone during office hours. Maybe it is normal to every one but I will have a very traditional minded that this is not a good sign as there are not concentrate enough on their work. Company paid to staff for working with them not for their personal entertainment, right? :P 

She told me that she is busy dating with her new date partner. This really makes me shock as she is the one never trusted to find love online. I thought who is the one makes her change so fast but then only I realized that her date partner is voodoo labs musicians friend.

Recently she fall in love with playing guitar and she spend all her time explore to all kinds of web which related to guitar and music. I just wish that this will not affected her quality of works....


I feel like leak of energy recently.

I am still asking myself what I am doing now.

I let myself to relax and rest totally for few months already. But still, I don't know how soon I can bring up my mood back to normal.

Everything seems like acceptable. Responsibilities, burden and all the pressure in life, I should have more than enough energy to face all the challenges every day. I should immune to take all the challenges which I used to be. But how come I feel like not wanted to continue?

I know I am escape to something. But I really don't know I escape for what and why it makes me so uncomfortable.....

Better don't let this continue. But how?

Make Your Own Wine

OMG! This is interesting isn't it?

I like to drink wine. The like is more than drink beer or liquor. :)

I am kind of like to try new things. I like to test different kind of wine. So I will not stick to any specific brand or years or manufacturer. To me, it is the mood that controls my taste of the day.

Feel so happy to discover a website selling wine making supplies and beer making supplies. I never have interest to know how and what is the process of making wince but if I have time, maybe I will have a try to make my own wine by purchase homebrewing supplies.

What a proud of having a testing wine event with the home make wine labeling my own name. :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012


The condition now is worst now.

Two princesses are addict to playing games with iPad now.

I feel disappointed whenever hubby let them to play those games non-stop. He will allowed them to play whenever during my absent.

The one that make me sad is he will not check whether they have already finished their home works or well prepared their school bag for next day schooling.

I tried to control them to continue but feel. They are now complaining mom is no good because not allowed them to play games..... Feel so sad!

Yearly Medical Check

Sis does not have any plan to go for medical check up even though she knows that is importance. In fact, she not dares to go for medical check up due to worry of her health condition. She did tell me she is worry if there any negative results found.

I did tell she thinks too much. Yes, she is easily falls sick but she does not have any bad habits. I don't think that will have any bad signs of health problems but she just ignore my advise.

Previously I told her that if she wishes to buy insurance plan, she may needs to go for medical check up, now with latestno health exam life insurance, she has excuse to escape to go for yearly medical check up which I think this is totally wrong concept.

How shall I convince her to chance her mind?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3rd Orthodontics Follow Up Check Up

Today is the 3rd time we meet orthodontist. This time elder daughter act so great. She smiles with her orthodontist when she advised her to brush her tooth cleaner.

I have to admit that as long as no extraction, elder daughter is doing great.

Lower part growing very nice and orthodontist assumed not to worry. She advised to take out another two upper tooth. Either do it at hospital with the facility of sleeping gas if elder daughter not brave enough or do it at the clinic if she can takes it. Consider of the deadline of the extraction will be latest by end of this year I give a chance to elder daughter because I believe she can do that by herself without the helps of dentist.

Next appointment will be on 12th December. Hopefully by that time the two teeth which expected to be removed are out and elder princess can shows the orthodontist her new tooth.


There are two bottles of Calvin Klein perfumes in my drawer and he wanted to by me a new bottle. That was brought I think about five years ago. When brother came back from UK he brought us few bottles of perfumes as souvenir. 

I had managed to finish one bottle within these five years and two bottles still looks new and well keep inside my drawer. I like the smell of perfumes. Whenever I apply, it will bring good mood to me. But I don't have habit to apply it every day. I will only apply it occasionally. I take five years to finish one bottle which contained 50ml of perfume! 

Got to double check the smell and if the two bottle perfumes already expired, he will have to buy me a new bottle. :P

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chinese singing Contest

Younger daughter has been selected to represent her class to participant in school Chinese singing contest. I heard that her teacher did train her often but she does not like to practice it a home.

I am a bit disappointed she can not attend the contest due to fever. Sore throat and headache in the early Thursday morning makes her feel uncomfortable. I did suggest her escape the day care class and rest at home in the morning. Later on attend to school since her class is afternoon session. But hubby advised her to rest at home as he does not want to see her condition goes worse after school. Finally she herself decided to rest at home.

I feel sorry to her class teacher as my daughter makes her down. I am careless as I forgot to text her on her absent. 

Hopefully she is understandable and do not blame my daughter for her absent.

Stock Control

I am fine working at this current company. Even though this is manufacturing company but I can handle my job well. One is because the accounting system had been set up very well. Besides, I am ease of pain of monthly stock takes and stock count as our company does not have such practice.

Although it is good to me as I can save my time and I can more concentrate on my work but personally I do not agree not to have stock control in one company.

Those small items like bolts, nuts, threaded rod, with small value we can ignore it but not for those big items and especially those with huge value. It is a risk if the management does not take any action to control the stock level and re-stock without proper approval. Some more if there is no one takes good care of the stock movement, possibility of stock lose is high as well.

How should I highlight this to the management if they don't think this is an issue?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

To me, it comes out a bit late. I thought grow of wisdom teeth will between twenty plus and never thought that it will turn up at my age of almost end of thirty.

It didn't trouble me much. The most problem is the little easily stays there and I got to specially clean it after every meal. Recently I feel it grow significantly. To else problem become bigger, I decided to extract it.

Taken x-ray today and dentist wanted to start the operation immediately. But concern about the pain after surgery might interrupt my working schedule; I decided to do it on another day.

Appointment of the wisdom teeth extraction will be on 6th September.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grandma in-law

Saw this pearl & diamond necklace at the red envelope personalized grandparent gift shop. I love the design very much. Not sure grandma in-law will like it or not. 

I brought her a gift long time ago. Now think of her is takes very good care of my two little princesses and me, I do wish to buy something for her to express my appreciation of her love.

She will visit come and visit us once a month. Her son will fetch her come to our house. Then she spends a day with us and we will fetch her home at night. She likes my two little princesses very much. I like to see my princesses make her happy. I like to see she stay strong and health at her high age. I wish she is healthy forever!

Empty Promise

For sure he will be very disappointed with my empty promises.

I promised to online and chat with him but I fall sleep. I am so tired. When I woke up in the middle of night that time was already 3am. We suppose to meet online at 10.30pm.......

In a week, I just manage to meet him twice. That was on Monday and Wednesday. I miss my chance to chat with him on Tuesday and yesterday night. Today his hotel got no internet service, so I can no need to wait for him.

Darling, It is really hard for me to sleep late. Hope you don't mind and forgive me!