Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stock Control

I am fine working at this current company. Even though this is manufacturing company but I can handle my job well. One is because the accounting system had been set up very well. Besides, I am ease of pain of monthly stock takes and stock count as our company does not have such practice.

Although it is good to me as I can save my time and I can more concentrate on my work but personally I do not agree not to have stock control in one company.

Those small items like bolts, nuts, threaded rod, with small value we can ignore it but not for those big items and especially those with huge value. It is a risk if the management does not take any action to control the stock level and re-stock without proper approval. Some more if there is no one takes good care of the stock movement, possibility of stock lose is high as well.

How should I highlight this to the management if they don't think this is an issue?

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