Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3rd Orthodontics Follow Up Check Up

Today is the 3rd time we meet orthodontist. This time elder daughter act so great. She smiles with her orthodontist when she advised her to brush her tooth cleaner.

I have to admit that as long as no extraction, elder daughter is doing great.

Lower part growing very nice and orthodontist assumed not to worry. She advised to take out another two upper tooth. Either do it at hospital with the facility of sleeping gas if elder daughter not brave enough or do it at the clinic if she can takes it. Consider of the deadline of the extraction will be latest by end of this year I give a chance to elder daughter because I believe she can do that by herself without the helps of dentist.

Next appointment will be on 12th December. Hopefully by that time the two teeth which expected to be removed are out and elder princess can shows the orthodontist her new tooth.

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