Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Turn

Is it worth to angry like that? I am query.

I don't know why she get angry so fast and really mad when she scold. She is kind of bad temper for sure. But I cannot tolerance she scolds for just a little thing. I don't see any bad and serious impact for the assignment that I done. It’s just the format that I did was not according to what she want. In fact, I did get her consent before I start the assignment.

I already know her style from my colleagues. We all under her will get scold one by one. And finally now came to me.

To me, as long as I didn't do anything wrong, I will not apology. No matter how you angry of that are your choice. I am not wrong but I still need to stand in front of you and hear your 'advice' and 'motivate' something which I feel non-sense, just because you are my manager.

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