Saturday, March 17, 2012

Next Outing

Feel that hubby is turning his crazy photograph schedule. Previously he will arrange for shooting session whenever he is free. Recently he is more focus on his freelance. His time now is occupied fully whenever he got pending assignments. He got to finish his assignments as soon as possible before the next assignment started. If he managed to do so, then he will got some spare times for his shooting but feel that he is more to relax himself and can spend time to accompany us.

Wish to go outing again. Last week he managed to spare some time with us and we went to Bagan Lalang beach for a one day trip. I am looking forward to his next free time to go outing again. Maybe relaxingly sit on patio furniture enjoy natural life and let our princess play at the playground at the evening or mountain hiking in the early morning. He needs to relax after stressful assignments and we wish to have our next family trip.

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