Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Working Life

How is your working life? I still keep in touch with my ex-colleagues and this is the first question they will ask.

I am fine working here. The most I don't like is work environment here. There is no rood top parking and this is old industry area, it is dusty always and my car is always dirty. The worst part is rats came to our workplace every night. I had successfully catch 4 but still found there are proof that they came before. I just worry they are carrying nasty diseases. :s

I am doing well with all the assignments. Since it is year end now, I also undergo appraisal like other staffs in the company although I work here only one month. I am quite satisfied with the feedback from my immediate boss.

Still not get used to those wasting time reporting formats which we can actually get it done with a click if we have powerful accounting system. Anywhere, it is a good chance for me to enhance my Excel skill with the guidance of a senior colleague.

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