Saturday, June 12, 2010

Side Effects

A friend shared with me her experience about the betastax side effects of her friend. I believe medicine is created best to fit and solve a particular problem or sickness. As long as we consider doctor's advice, there shall be not much harm to our body.

A friend do asked me why I am worry with my slipped disc medicine side effect. As per her, the swelling makes me looks no longer skinny should be great to me. This is what I am not agreed with. I prefer myself to be naturally skinny rather than depend on medicine side effect to help me getting fat. More over, side effect means no good to our body. Isn't it?

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Kalum Meshantha Fernando said...

absoluetly correct, i agree with you friend, most of the times medicines make people unhealthy rather curing ..side effects might change the life totally into a different way..

Kalum Fernando