Friday, June 18, 2010

No Longer Her Favorite

Hubby brought two coloring books to my two little princesses before overseas. He asked me to give them during his holidays. My two little princesses are so excited when they know hubby will send them present. The day comes and I pass the books to them. At first, both of them are so happy to share they thought when they flipped the books. Then they compare and the argument comes which books will belong to who. Lately the youngest princess cried then my eldest forced to surrender as usual and she lost on her option.

I thought this is the end of the story.

Yesterday my elder princesses told me her book was belongs to her sis. He need no more coloring book. Coloring book is for younger but not her.....

Kids grow up so fast. They are now having more mutual thinking. They now know how to bargain, to choice and doing comparison. Mom and dad force to grow with them as well. No more cheating, no more thinking they still young. :P

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