Friday, June 11, 2010

Negative Mood

So many things happens to my life make me have so much of negative thinking recently.

The slipped disc sickness cause sleepless nights. I still can not believe how I been through my first pain in year 2003. It seems like I never have this experience where I am totally leak of sleep for such a long period. Sleepless will cause bad mood in day time. I tried my best to manage my tired every day.

The passed away of a friend - Again, one is leaved. I hate this! What we have now is not what we deserved to unless we appreciate. I thanks to her had been in my life even though it is just a short period.

Dear friend,
Your strong personality, your high volume, and your face will always in my mind. I strongly believe we can be friend again some other time....

The stress of work - I don't think I am career minded until a colleague use this 'word' to describe. All the way I work, I though I am workaholic due to I have no luck to work with a easy come easy go working environment. I just wish that I can work in a company until retired. With experience I have, I can stay in a comfortable zone where I can complete my tasks assigned on time. Manage good relationship with colleagues and work in a peaceful environment. This is why I still work with this company. But now seems like I am a bit out of comfortable now due to the extra assignments. I have no much intention to taking more responsibility. I know my standard. Please don't put high expectation on me!

Am I still positive thinking? I try to always be. I believe in myself that I can overcome all these... just the time concern....

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