Friday, March 12, 2010

I am Off for 11 Days

I had already passed over all my pending tasks and outstanding cases to my colleagues. I am enjoying my long leave since yesterday. I need to do so because I want to make sure I will not bring them any problems or troubles during my off days. The most importance thing is, I don't want them to disturb me during my holidays. lol

I am worry actually because the one who handling my cases is a new comer. I don't know who much pressure she can handle. But fore sure my superior will guide her closely. If not, then the chances of receive her resignation letter is high. lol

Many chances will happens during my off days. New decisions, new solutions, and even my new boss will come in and started working with us very soon. All are expected and of course, these are full of uncertainty as well. But I am sure, at least the office furniture layout will be the same when I back to my office 10 days later. lol

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food packaging said...

Congratulations for your long vacation. I don't even get even half of your holidays. This is really bad for me and looking forward to some other job. Hope i find it soon.