Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Plans

My company had started to plan on the new development since last year. I have not involving in the project meeting and I have not much idea when will the new project get started but I am actually interested on what are they going to do with the piece of bungalow land.

I stumble upon to this morning and I had spent almost an hour at the site. HDA, Inc. having variable collection of house plans. I know there are property sellers in the internet world but I never thought there is online house plans seller which is so convenience to the house owners as well as developers.

I especially like the design of the cabin plans offering at the site. I like those western style designs which I seldom see it in Malaysia. At Malaysia, those rich people are more preferring to big houses. They build their houses few storeys high and the land area is almost fully occupied. But I more prefer those one storey house designs with big land for me to do gardening. :P

I am going to ask my project department colleagues to have a look with all the house floor plans offering at the site. Maybe they can get some idea and knowledge about the green houses designs and building as my boss is very concern to green living.