Saturday, June 27, 2009


I knew my next month expenses will be very high. For sure I am not going to have enough money to settle all those expenses. But still, I dare to spend.

I had already over spent. Why I do so? I am really the type of stingy person. Every one who knows me will know my character. This time I also keep asking the same question to myself: already pocket empty, why still dare to spend?

I am forcing myself to a bad position now. Why I doing so?

I just can not give a good answer to myself. I think I am going to crazy soon!


patchwork tapestry said...

often do things that even we know that we do, that is what living life as you find the reason.

Therese Lim said...

Hello Ms Michelle.
We are actually having the same character. I am also slight stingy person. My close friends, family and my boyfriend knows about that.
I am just saving my money for future use.
I don't really spent them in buying my wants but i often used them for my needs.