Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why I love YOGA?

Previously I keep on asking myself this question. Why I love yoga very much?

When my first joined yoga, even though it's a trial class but I already fall in love with this exercise. I nearly give up with yoga because my back pain comes back again after few months of yoga exercise. People told me that yoga can helps to treat back pain. I think that's probably because of my incorrect posting or maybe the teacher did not warm me for those posts which is not allow for back pain sufferer even though I told her my problem before........

I did stop this exercise for quick so times. But I just can not forget about the happiness when I exercise yoga. After more than a year of consideration, I decided back to yoga again recently. This time I will be more precaution with all my posts and make sure that the yoga is benefit me and help me to improve my back strength.

By the way, this is a photo which I found in the web. It's not me! Of course, I do wish that I can do this one day. I am still in the beginner stage now.

The reason why I love yoga very much? Here is the link that I get my answer: Yoga for Anxiety and Depression


Gurgle said...

I can't help but feel Yoga is just incredibly painful-looking! Are there courses for real, unagile beginners? That's what I need!

Anne said...

Nice pose! I like Yoga too and although some say it' not a sport, I insist on telling them that it's a "mind sport". I also do Pilates, but yoga truly works me out.
I would like to see some of the skeptics do such a pose :)