Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun Gathering

I just come back from gathering of secondary classmate. Time flies. The last gathering was five years ago. This supposes to be held once a year. We planned it on our farewell dinner on year 1993 but unfortunately we elected an irresponsible and lazy chairman, this is only the 3rd meeting so far. lol

The fact is not only the elected chairman but all of us can be the one who organize the gathering. But every one is giving different excuses and we all push the responsibility to the elected chairman. Poor him every time we meet he made the same complaint. :P

I love the way he organized today's gathering. He lets every one to have a very fun and exited day. We met at a friend's house where his house nearby a shopping mall. To punish to all of us who escape the responsibility of organize the suppose-to-be annual gathering, he came out a fun idea.

He instructed all of us parked our cars in the shopping mall car park and asked us to give him the number of exit signs in the shopping mall. What a fun game!

We suppose to park our car at the shopping mall, and count the EXIT SIGNS one by one but almost all of us break the rules. Who is willing to waste the time and take the hassle to figure it out how much is the Exit Sign is?

So the cleaver one contacted the shopping mall management and got the answer. Then he gave the answer to all of us! He is such a genius! lol

We all are having fun today. From the beginning we afraid can't get the correct answer and get rejected to join the gathering until the moment we all passed the 'exam', we are so happy.

Of course finally the chairman knew our trick. lol

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