Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Public Holiday

This weekend will be Malaysia Public Holiday. I don't like the public holiday fall on Saturday. If public holidays fall on weekday will be great, isn't it?

I used to work on every Saturday for my part time job. Public holiday means I can rest and relax at home. This suppose to be good but I will have trouble when I back to my part time job on the following Saturday. I will need to spend more time and stay longer there to finish my jobs. This is the pressure of doing part time job. I need to finish my works in limited hours.

So I will have 'bad wish' in my mind. I wish that the part time transaction is not much during this two weeks then I can finish my job without spending long hours.

Hmmm, perhaps the transaction is less but the amount volume is big. OK. I am still a good prayer. LOL

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