Thursday, June 4, 2009

Selecting Rugs

Our office ground floor renovation works is done. Now the final touch up and decorative works are in the progress. I just received a bill from my colleague for the area rugs purchases.

I just can not wait to see the rugs designs. I always wish to buy one for my house living room but still don't have final decision yet. This is because I am no good in interior design. I wish I can get better idea of selecting a great design rug and make my living room looks grand. I do wish I know the interior designer who in-charged our office renovation project. If so, maybe I can get some free advices on selecting rugs. :P


Nicole Weeverink said...

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I would say that area rugs and their design are what make our homes cosy. Having the right rugs makes you say: “Home. Sweet Home”.

condos in Toronto said...

Choosing a rug, you should listen to your heart first. If you like it and it makes you feel special, you will feel the same in your house.