Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Playfull Kid

Kids are all playful. I fully understand and I fully aware about this.

This incident happened yesterday night when my two little princesses brush their teeth.

Since my two little princesses are well trained so I let them brush themselves as usual and I didn't stop my iron work.

At the begnning, I heard they are playing with the pipe water at the sink and I let it be. It is for fun and I feel that it is no harm to let them having fun and enjoy for few minutes.

But later on when I tried to stop them, I saw my younger princess use her toothbrush to brush the bathroom sink! I am nearly faint!

She claimed that she is helping me to do the cleaning work. Shall I appreciate her 'good' job?

I have no choice but throw away her toothbrush. I force to buy a new one today!

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