Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One is Enough

Hubby is a superb photography fan. He did train me when dating and wished that I can become his gang and we can go whatever places and take photos together. I think his aim is at least we can have one same hobby and perhaps we can have same topic when we are together. Unfortunately my interest is only become a model rather than a photographer. I am not sure this make him felling disappointment or not because I not dare to ask.

Anywhere, I feel good with the way that I chosen. You can say this is an excuse but this is some thing that give and take. Luckily I not followed his steps and become a photograph crazy like him. One crazy is enough. If so, then properly no my two little princesses will have no time to see their parent at all. LOL


website design said...

Your hubby is a photography fan. But it doesn’t mean he buy you. And you also should like photography. You should understand it, I think your hubby also can understand. & I think if you say him this clearly, he can understand "this is not your fault"..

Ana l Bamboo Flooring said...

Imo, it's fair enough to understand and support your hubby in doing what he loves and what his passion. It doesn't mean you also have to take his interest and passion, you both are still different person just dwell together as one when you get married. You have different interest and point of view, respect is the only key.