Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Choosy Bride's Option

My sis has already listed down all her guests on her wedding day. We all so surprise that they are going to invite more than 800 persons to the wedding dinner. That's means there need to be reserve more than 80 tables for the wedding dinner and there will be about 800pcs of wedding invitations cards going to be prepared. What a big figure!

Luckily they are going to organize the wedding dinner on the separate places and on different days. Bride's guests will have the wedding dinner one day earlier than the bridegroom's guests. If not, probably they need a hotel ballroom to fit all of their guests. :P

She is in the midst of finding cheap wedding invitations cards now. I know she is a choosy girl. Because she is good on drawings so it's a bit hard to find cards which suite to her taste. This is the reason why I not dare to suggest her any wedding cards designs. Since she is so good in drawings, I am wondering whether she will consider getting she own design invitation cards.

I know that she will rather save her money for her coming honeymoon trip than spending extra for her wedding day. Being a bride on a budget, I think it's a cost saving if she can just design it at her own taste. Maybe she can look for those DIY wedding invitations kits which having good quality of cards and having matching envelopes and she can have her own drawings and even her own handwriting on it.

I still remember she did the same when she organized her 21st birthday party. She is such a patient girl where she drawn more than 50pcs unique birthday invitation cards to all friends and relatives. That is what I salute for! But now will be 800pcs, will it be too much? LOL

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