Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why wait?

There is a change to escape from hell to heaven, why wait?

I called it a hell because that is no longer a family. He hurt you again and again but you still continue staying with him. Luckily you can protect your children. If not, I can not imagine what will be happened.

Don’t believe your husband that he will change. In fact, he never changed. After one year of waiting, why you still hope he can change? Promise is one thing. But the action is more importance. He can’t even stop himself to hurt you then how can you still hope for his change?

You want to continue living in worries everyday? If so, I have no objection. How about your children? They have no chance to decide until you decide for them. They need you to help them escape from the hell.

Cry is not the way settle the problem. It will never ever help to solve the problem. You should believe that no matter how worst is it, there will be a way to find a solution. What you foreseen may not be the worst. Don’t worry too much about your future without him as those are just your imagination. You rather save your time to worry of the bad than keep your energy to plan well for you and your children’s future. Do not escape your problem. You better make decision now so that you all need not suffer again!

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