Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Rest

I have no choice but need to take more careful on foods consume from now on. That is just because of eaten a slide of chocolate cake, the urticaria back to visit me again.

I know I still not fully recover from it. I still having medication non stop. But because of my careless, I make myself fall to bad sick again. I love cakes. I forgot that one of the ingredients of making a cake is egg. I suppose to stop eating egg....

Do you know what the result of consumed one slide of cake? (That is quite a big portion actually. :P)

I force to apply one day medical leave and rest at home. I spend most of my time on bed as I feel tired after taken medicine....... What a good 'rest'!

1 comment:

bokjae said...

Hey xilly, it's one slice of cake!!! typo error?? Haha! Just dropping by! Cheers! Noticed you changed your style! Some stories to share and not all paid posts!!!! Good!!!