Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catch the Opportunity

Right after I publish my post about my dream, my friend msn and we talk about the same topic. I am telling her my wish of own a property in foreign country.

I know it's hard to get one with my current income but this is my dream and I always motivate myself to be positive thinking. I know this dream will come true one day. Either it will come soon or later, just the time concern.

I am dreaming I can have a house which I go for and relax on when my holidays. A home is different from a hotel, isn't it? This is more than an investment actually.

It's worth to try our luck. I don't mind to spend for the raffles. There is an opportunity there. I am taking action to get what I wish to. The chances are there. I had tried to catch the opportunity. I might not be the winner I know. The worst is I loss all my money. But I am happy I had tried.

Don't worry; I know what I am doing now. I kept and saved the another St. Thomas Real Estate contact. Can not become the prize winner then I need to back to hard work and safe money in order my dream can come true. :P

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