Monday, March 9, 2009


I envy those people having very nice decoration in their living rooms. From the design and decorative, you may find how and what the owner lifestyle. This is why I like to visit people's house. Some friends will put their efforts to decorate the living rooms so nice and comfortable. But I did have some they don't ever care about the living rooms decorative because they put all their efforts and focus on the kitchen stuffs. From here you can see what kind of person they are and what their favorite is.

I am the kind of lazy one and that's why I having a simple and close to 'empty' design living room. I do wish to have nice and good decorative stuffs in my living room provided if I am afford to employ a house cleaning or a maid. For me, the more stuffs decorated means the more dust they are. This is the reason why I rather keep all my sculpture collections at Art Storage than display in my living room. Don't know why but my housing area is a high dusty area. I just can not stand to all my stuffs full of dust. That is no good for health as well. To make my life more easily, I prefer not to display more stuffs in my living room.

Does this sound like a lazy woman excuse? *LOL*

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