Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Mood

Look at my HR leave records table, almost 70% of the colleagues are on leave on 26th Dec. It's Friday. With apply one day leave then they can enjoy 4 days rest. Have you do so? If you not manage to apply leave on that day, maybe you can consider apply leave on 2nd of Jan 09. Again, you can enjoy 4 days rest as well.

It's Christmas and I had started holiday mood. I just can't wait until this week end. When I think about my 10 days holidays, I will like full of energy. I wish to clear all my outstanding jobs before I am off. Hopefully I can do so as every one who had applied leave to celebrate next week Christmas festival are going to clear their jobs before they off. I am expected those documents will only reach to my place last minutes. Any where, I have already decided to stay over time to finish my jobs for this week.

We still have no plan where to go during these ten days off but definitely we will out to shopping center and look for NFL Merchandise. As I told you before, I want to buy for four of us and wearing it when Chinese New Year.


Rainer Lexika said...

I´m really looking forward to the holidays as well. I´m heading home for ten days and I cannot wait.. it´ll be great to see my family again! :-) It doesn´t feel as if it´s only a week until Christmas though... it´s been a strange year. Enjoy your ten days rest and I hope your children enjoy opening their gifts.


casas rurales en santa cruz said...

When I lied in Germany I would go to the Christmas market to get me in the holiday mood. I miss them.

Clairvoyant Magda said...

My holidaymood started with lighting the menorah candles! As far as I remember Hanukkah is always before or enveloping Christmas so it gets me in the mood for the more prominent but less cool/relevant to me winter celebration.