Monday, December 15, 2008

Realistic World

My department boss told us that we are not entitle to have any increment next year. We all did know that the economy now is really bad and it will be worst next year. No increment means us under employment will be more suffer.

I did hear that some of the foreign investors have already started to take necessary steps to cut down their operating cost. The very first that effected will be their employees. One of my friends getting instruction to take two weeks unpaid leave and back to work after New Year. Their company is practicing operation with lesser employees.

This is really terrible. As I always keep remind myself: No matter how hard your work. You will never ever get back what you aspect to unless you are self employment.

Bosses depend on their staffs to generate great income for the company. A company getting profit means the bosses is richer. But this means staffs need to work harder to generate more profit. They may not getting any extra benefits as bosses aspect them to be more perform. But when the company is getting financial problem, bosses will kick their workers out rto reduce the staff costs rather than decrease they own expenses. Agree with me?

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