Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Annual Medical Check Up

I had done my annual medical check up last week. I am so happy to see that the results are all fine. I just received my Pap smear test result yesterday and it is no bad news as well. How happy I am because I can maintenance my body health.

I know I have no chance to get back my 100% perfect lungs anymore but there is no changes shown from my lungs x-ray compare to the previous year image. This is the only thing I need to double confirm so to proof that I am continuously recovered from the pleural effusion.

Have you done your annual medical check up? Please do so at least once a year or two years once. Do it completed with blood test and chest x-ray at least. You will found that you will live more happily and more confident!

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Emperor Penguins said...

Xrays always scare me, I guess I am in fear of the effects that it can have.