Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sports Fancy

Finally my neighbor Thomas found a sport shop selling Baseball Gloves. I know he has been searching around on it for some times. He is really crazy about the game. He knows it's not easy as baseball is a rare game in local but he keeps on trying and now he has already gathered few friends playing baseball every Saturday night. He did share with me that his ambition to set up a baseball team in local. I find that he is not just talking only but he did take initiative to make his dream comes true.

I like those people who having sport games as their hobby. No matter what games they are playing, they are full of energy. I have a colleague who complaint sleepy at working hours almost every day. But when comes to end of office hours he will be full of energy because a gang of friends are waiting him for the basketball game. He can plays and back home after eleven or twelve o'clock. Sports activities is better than every others kinds of hobby. Sport activities not only to gain health but also one of a ways to relax and build up better social networks.

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