Thursday, December 11, 2008

Same Design Jerseys

Chinese New Year is on 26th of January 2009. That's means after Christmas celebration there will be exactly one month left to be prepared. I am planning to do what ever necessary housekeeping and painting works during my long holidays. Being a full time stay at home mom, I have no excuse to ignore all these. :P

Besides, I am wondering now is the best time to buy new cloths and wearing since now is mega sales carnival. I always prefer to buy early because whenever near the Chinese New Year, those clothing designs will be more or less the same. Some more most of the cloths are in red colors.

This year I just come out a great idea. Since hubby likes NFL jerseys. I told him that we go and shop for four of us. I think my two little princesses will love it as well. When we go to out during Chinese New Year festival, either it's friends, relative visits, or shopping, four of us are wearing the same designs jerseys. Don't you agree with me that it's fun? I think all of you who see us wearing the same suits will agree that we are the fun and happy family. LOL

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