Sunday, October 5, 2008


How long will it takes the process to re-band a product or a company? This is my question after our new boss make such an announcement to all of us when the first meeting with her. Almost half year later, the newly idea and concept of our company has been finally disclose to public. With the helps of Branding Company, the media ads, billboards and announcement has been up since last week.

Before that, we all did attended to a briefing so that every one of the company are fully aware, fully understand and fully commit to the inspiration, the motif and the whole new idea of our company new trend.

Every single employee has the responsibility to make the move to success. This is the message from our new boss. She needs all of us to follow, to commit and to contribute all of our best. It's a dream and it's a plan for today but it will be a real genuine in life and it is the one that we want in the future.

I do agree that the success of a company is not only the success of the management team but the success of their employees as well.

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