Sunday, October 5, 2008


Our company will not recruit new workers at the time being as our boss prefers multi-tasking. This is not the first time we heard from our department head during our department meeting. Yes, our boss urged all of the company workers to be multi-tasking. And I think this is the most difficult part for a staff who can not handling heavy work flow.

The one and only worker in our department who solely in charged of all our company administrative works, including human resources and monthly payroll is the one who suffer now. I did know that her work schedule is a bit out of control now. Luckily our department head is a good listener and he is negotiable. I heard that we are going to introduce one new Vehicle reimbursement program where this will decrease the burden to my colleague.

Since the new management comes in, there are so many little as well as huge changes happened. Some changes we are expected but not all. If we want to continue working with the company, we need to change ourselves as well. Whether we like it or we take it. I am actually set my heart on pursuing all these changes.


complaints said...

can you tell me why is it very difficult for the stuff to handle heavy work ... did not they do before?????

Proxy Server said...

Nice thought. I love to read the post. Actually it depends upon the GM of the company. Anyway thanks for sharing this in your post with us

brooks said...

Yes indeed multi tasking is very important in today's workplace to get ahead of your peers.

surveillance cameras said...

Many times change is good, especially with things being as they are currently. We all know that things need to be different at work and everywhere else. Good luck with the changes and the new company.