Friday, October 3, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Again

One of my colleagues just visited Hong Kong last August. He is now planning for another trip at end of November to Hong Kong again. The first trip he went is his joining his wife's company trip. Both of them only pay for one person for the trip. His wife can enjoy full payment for the trip sponsored by her company. He is planning to bring his whole family including his parent to Hong Kong again. I am really envy with his ability to travel so frequent.

Yes. Hong Kong is one of the perfect places for family trip. Women can go for shopping. Kids can have fun and enjoy at Hong Kong Disneyland. Man can go and try their luck at Casino. This is why he is so happy now sharing us his planning.

He is planning to on leave for one week. This is what we are worry about. Who is going to help him up during the period? I pray hard that I am not the one. Why? I am busy like hell now. I don't think I have more capacity to take care of any extra works. Yes you can say I am selfish. Perhaps I am not.


Chrystal K. said...

Never knew Hong Kong had a Disneyland.

solar panel said...

You should go to find a company that offers free trip.