Friday, October 3, 2008

The One and Only

Do you think one admin and human resource staff can handle her job well in a company which having fifty employees? Previously there are three of them in a team but now our admin and human resource is only in-charged by one person. If you ask me is my company having Admin and HR department right now? Then I will tell you yes but there is only one person in the department. Sounds funny, huh?

Actually now she had been group under finance and credit control team. With the 'merging' of admin, human resource, finance and credit control, our team called Corporate Service Department. This name sounds very professional. Don't you think so?

I really pity her. She is mainly in-charged of monthly payroll before this. But now, she needs to take care of staff's claims, staff's insurances, company maintenance..... All you know which related to office admin and human resource works is taking care by her. Luckily my boss is looking for a Vehicle reimbursement company to ease her heavy work flow. I found that she is a tough woman. I did not hear any complaint from her so far. I am wondering where she gets so much of energy to work overtime till late almost everyday....

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Healthy Schemes said...

Handling of a job totally depends on the caliber of the employee and not the employer. Though the employer has a little work in providing training and motivation. Rest work has to be done by the employee himself.