Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hubby enjoys playing soccer since he was young. He has his own soccer team. Even though all of their team members are more than thirty years old but they still keep on challenging young teams in town. Do you think senior will always be the loser? Maybe their energies will not as good as the youngsters but their experience and teamwork are the best among the teams.

Exercise should be fun and enjoyable and so as competition. Competitions should be all the same, only one will be the winner and the others will be the loser. This is the rule and this is the result but too bad youngster nowadays too much concern about win and loss.

Hubby's team Soccer Goals lost again. Hubby told me this after he is home. This is not the first time hubby's soccer team facing such problem. The first case was happened last year tournament. Unfortunately after investigations, they found that the same team was done the same to them after today's competition ended. The team leader gets caught and he admitted his fraud. He claimed that their team are deserved to win. That is really disappointed.

Hubby asked me just now: Shall their team continue joining the soccer tournament next year?

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