Thursday, October 2, 2008

She is Invited

Do you agree that today's kids are so wealthy? I always have the same feeling whenever I compare them with myself. When I was young, computer has not created in the world. I can not enjoy TV everyday. Today's Kids can learn a lot informative from TV as well as computer via internet. When I was young, I don't have chances to have whatever I like because I am not from a wealthy family. Every spend I need to get my parents permissions. But nowadays most parents will buy any things to their kids sometimes it's more than enough.

Do you celebrate your birthday every year? Yes I am but only with my family members. But nowadays I saw that many parents will having birthday celebration for their birthday kids inviting their kid's friends. Some of them even organize the party at fun hall of famous kids' restaurant. See, nowadays kids are full of fun and wealthy!

My elder princess has been invited to one of her classmate birthday party. We went to shopping center and I asked my princess choose one of the batting gloves for her classmate. My princess is so happy and she said she wants her own birthday party so that she can received birthday's gift from her friends. This is totally out of my control....

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