Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mileage Allowance

Do you travel frequently during office hours? Is you company having benefit where you can enjoy mileage allowance? I can not really understand why some companies not willing to pay mileage. Those bosses don't like their staffs travel for the business purpose but they like to save their money as well. I did have a friend who spends almost quarters of his monthly salaries for petrol and tolls without getting any claim back. I think most of you will submit your resignation letter if you are in the same condition but my friend can continue working for the company. He claims that his pay is enough to cover the expenses. :P

For those who enjoy mileage allowance. How much is the rate you are enjoying now? How fast is your management making decision whenever announcement of petrol price increased? Few years back, we still enjoy subsidy paid by government and the petrol price didn't change much. But now as you can see, due to the changes of subsidy scheme, changes of politic, petrol price are fluctuating.

Will your company changing the mileage rate base on petrol price movement? My concern is, mileage claim is allowance or subsidy for employees using their own cars for company business purposes for their petrol as well as car repair and maintenance cost. Is it fair to determine the mileage rate by just depending on the petrol price only? If not, then what is the more accurate way to determine the Vehicle Reimbursement?

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