Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Outsource IT Department

Again, one more colleague will leave us soon. The one and only person in our company IT department had tender his resignation to our boss last week. He forced to make the decision after his father passed away. Even though his interest is in information technology line but he needs to take over his father's business because he is the only son. We all no surprise he will leave us one day as he always told us that his father wished him to be the business's boss when he is retired. Unfortunately, his father met an accident last week....

Because of the short notice, I heard that our boss is intends to outsource the IT department. With having an IT consultant company like new york it services, our company no need to recruit a replacement candidate. It's hard to get one in the short of times. He do introduced one of his friends who work in the same line to helps us up. Unfortunately he can not join us immediately. I know that my HR department colleague is collecting some local potential company profile which doing well in IT line. Hope that we mange to find one able to give us the best support very soon.

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