Saturday, September 27, 2008

Internet World

To me, internet world is the fantastic world. The more websites I hop over, the more I learn and the much info I can gain. So many informative website we can go for and enhance our knowledge. I love to search whatever info from web. Yes, I always feel that I am a stupid. But wiling to learn is the way to built up myself. I am become more and more genius using search engine to find whatever info I want. :P

What is the homework or the studies you will do when you need to buy one new thing? I love to read on reviews and go to different website to find out and survey on pricing, products features as well as learning from people's experiences. Even though I go to shopping mall or supermarket at least once a week, but still I love to shop online. I not only compare prices within local outlets but I also search from net and compare the item pricing through out the worldwide stores. As you know, we can fully utilize of online coupons to help us on savings and is one of my choices. This is the fact that there are some items we can directly order online and getting it cheaper compare from local outlets which having high mark ups.

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