Friday, September 5, 2008

Child Education Class

I had started my first class on Thursday. Although I feel that RM680 for the course is a little bit high but still, it's worth to enroll.

After the first class which last for 2 hours, my conclusion is: Not the children need to change but is the parents or guidance need to change.

What parents act and what they did is directly affected to their children. If you complaint your kids are too naughty, then just ask yourself what have you done and reflected the results like that.

Luckily the class provided teaching material so that we can fully enjoy the talk without hassle to jot down the importance points and skills that Dr. Lee sharing. We don't even need pens and note books at all. But I think a recorder is necessary as every one will have bad memory. Unfortunately the class do not allow for recording. To motivate myself and continue approaching to be a good mother, I will update all my study by jotting down in my blog.

Stay tune!

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Scoliosis advice said...

Nice to know that you joined the class. It seems pretty interesting. Looking forward to hear updates about the class from you.