Friday, September 5, 2008

Be Generous

Some times I will wonder am I too generous to people. I know I need to help her since she is new. I am afraid that she will quick because of the heavy work flow. And this is the main reasons I follow up some of the cases which suppose to be handle by her. Because this, I found that I can not completely settle my own job as per scheduled. I know this is just a critical period and it will be over. I do hope that my boss can understandable about this. Please be generous to me as well. If not, then I will rather settle my own job first then only consider the new staff problems. This is not the way to settle problem. Don’t force me to do so!


fonejacker series 2 said...

thanks for sharing this sweet post .... yeah you are too generous to people.. i can guess that you have a busy life... isn't it?? and yes your boss will must understand you.

iphone 3g said...

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