Saturday, September 6, 2008

Check Before Return Missed Calls

Will you save all you contacts in your hand phone? Yes I do but only limited to those regular contacts only. Will you reply all those missed calls? No I will not. I will only choose to reply those who I know. If the display shows that the number is the one that I had save in my phone list then I will return call to them. Else, for those unknown phone numbers, I will just ignore it. I treat this as a self protection.

I don’t like to receive calls and waste my time talk to strangers especially those insurance agents and promoters. I have my own insurance agent. What for to waste time spending to know what their latest offers or promotions which my monthly spending are already high until not afford to get a new one. Some more I afraid to get trap and cheated. I did hear people said that some people loss all their money after received phone call from strangers. That is just like the kind of hypnogenesis. I just don’t want to get myself in trouble.

Because of this attitude, some of my customers will scold me because of not reply their calls. Well, if I really need to input all my contacts in my cell phone, then I need to upgrade my cell phone as my current one memory card is low enough.

I discover a site about Reverse Phone Lookup lately. I feel that this is one of the great sites which worth to share with. And this is the powerful of the internet. With the National Phone Lookup services provided, I will hop over to the page for a check of National Phone Registry lists provided before returning my calls. With this extra step, I feel more safety whenever returning missed calls.


Mick said...

Im really bad for not answering call that i don't know, i let them go to my voice mail and the person never leaves a message, so it obviously wasn't important enough..

keylogger said...

Thanks, Very interesting read, you should be proud of your blog.

Your website is very nicely designed, I have already bookmarked it.

dunks said...

I'm bad at those missed calls as well. Sometime don't get to them until the next day.