Saturday, September 6, 2008

Face Your Problem

Face the problem. The soonest you look into your problem, you can solve it faster. This is the wording that I always motivate myself. I saw some people like to escape from what they suppose to settle with. Once you ignore it, you may takes more times and more energy to deal with it. That is what I can see almost everyday.

Today we received a letter from a Collection Agency confirmed that we can enjoy 30% discount from the total debts that we owe to one of our suppliers. The debts were actually overdue for more than 2 years. Due to my part time boss condition that I told you before, he just try to pay off whatever he is affordable. Even thought the amount by installment is not a big amount but they are still acceptable. After this, my boss no needs to escape and hide himself from meeting the supplier’s salesman again. That’s all thanks to the effort that his wife’s put in. She is the one dealing directly to the debts collector and wins the result. From this case we know, nothing is impossible. If my boss face it and discuss with the supplier earlier and having such a result earlier then he no need to hide for these 2 years….

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