Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hit and Run

I am BAD luck today. This happen when I out for lunch with my colleagues. I parked my car near the road corner because no more parking space. We go for lunch somewhere nears the place I parked my car. I back to my car after lunch and I saw my car was injured! My parking was perfect one. I think the one who hit my car is a lorry. But the road and the space are sufficient for two cars. I just don't understand why my car gets hit....

No way to find the driver of course. I have to admit I am lucky because not I am the one get hit and I am not injured. But I pray hard this is the first and only time the driver did so. Hit a car and run is a small matter. If he or she hit somebody along the road then it's a big problem. Wish him / her good luck!

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