Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not Soccer!

Hubby is planning to buy two Soccer Goals. One is for his soccer team and one for our two little princesses. I have no surprise as I knew his team need a new soccer goal but I just can’t believe my ears when I heard that he plans to buy for our princesses.

I know he loves this exercise very much. He is planning to train our two little princesses to become soccer player. This is the one that I am totally disagreeing! Don’t you think that girls should be act like a girl? If they are playing badminton, swimming, ping pong then that all are still acceptable but I just can’t agree with girl playing soccer. Maybe you may say I am old fashion and outdated. And yes I am admitted I am. I just don’t like my two little princesses to become like a boy.

Please hubby, I can spend them for swimming classes. I am willing to play ping pong or badminton or even basketball with them but not soccer please! This is my warning to you. If you really brought it, I think I rather hide or throw the goal. Don’t force me to do so, you know I will!

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