Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second Hand

We are second hand cars owners. I have to admitted that we are no the poor family but just no enough to spend for a new one. We just sell of one car recently because it is old enough. Even though we try to spend for repairing and spare parts changing to keep it as it is. I do wish that there is a shop within my area alike midwest auto recycling when we can have such a service to get a fine condition transmission for replacement. But unfortunately we can't get it. Some more the car performance just makes us lost confident to continue driving it. We are looking to buy a new car. Oh, we still prefer second hand car. :P


Expat said...

It is not a bad thing to get a second hand thing for cars. Cars are really a special thing which gives the finest service if the maintenance is good.

jillbeth said...

We drive secondhand cars, too. I doubt if I would buy a brand new one even if I could afford it! Too many grandkids to haul around. Old cars are already scratched and dinged, so I don't worry about adding a few more!