Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fully recovery

I know I am ok now but still this need final confirmation from my panel doctor. After the appointment with him, I can spread out loudly and announce: I AM TOTALLY RECOVER NOW!

As I told you before, this is the last appointment to meet my handsome and lovely panel doctor. (I am admire him now because he give me new life. :P) After checking he told me no to continue follow up check up like before. Dear doctor, I wish I will have no chance to visit you again! LOL

From the time suspecting I am suffer mesothelioma, and then diagnosis to pleural effusion because of virus effected, and admitted to hospital. Then a minor operations, rest for long time and follow up check up for more than one and half year and waiting for fully recovery confirmation. The time goes like a century for me.

I am so happy now!

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