Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Dream Movie

I am so excited when I noticed that there are free tickets to be won for a fantastic movie. I am talking about the movie: Ah Long Pte Ltd. This is another great reward for all the Advertlets members.

What makes me so excited? This is the latest movie from Jack Neo. This is branded to me. Some more, it's broke the Singaporean box office records. Nevertheless, it's acted by Fann Wong, one of my famous actresses. I can't wait to see how is her acting to be an Ah long big boss! I am sure that is a big change to her actor life. Besides, I also wish to see how KK Wong performance is. I am one of his fans on radio 988. I never see him in movie or drama. Just wondering how great he is being an actor.

But do you know what the main reason I want to watch the movie? Tell you what; I have never been to cinema for more than five years. No jokes! After I give birth to my elder princess, I am totally out of time for entertainment. Even though both my princesses are 'big' enough now but still I not dare to bring them go in to cinema. This all because I don't want any unexpected cases happen to spoil my mood to enjoy a movie in cinema. :P

Hopefully Advertlets can award me two tickets for me and hubby to enjoy a fun and memorable 'paktol' times. You know its need a good reason to date with my hubby. Else, I will stay at home being a yellow face auntie like usual. **Beg you guys, pleasssssse!**

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Expat said...

You should be excited for this movie. I agree with all the reason u shown us. LOL.