Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby Bedding

What will be the best gift for a new born baby? I prefer baby bedding. I like to visit baby products department especially bedding items. I love those soft and sweet designs and especially those designs in pink color. I never buy baby bedding before. My princess’s one are second hand bedding given by my sister in law. Its now keep in my store room. I think I will pass to my sister after she gives birth. So, I think I will have no chance to buy new bedding. :p


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Baby bedding is very important for baby. Its help a baby for its comfortableness.

Baby Bedding Zone said...

Bedding can be a great gift - but often the mother has already chosen a nursery theme and bought bedding to match. Unless you know the theme, it might be better to get something else - you don't want to spend $150+ on a bedding set that doesn't match the nursery.

Baby nursery bedding said...

Mmm.. yup, baby beddings are really nice gifts.. I like the soft colors and sweet designs too!!

Do you only have a child? why stop at one? Children brightens up the life at home yea, why not have more than one so that they can be a company for each other. =)