Thursday, March 6, 2008

Smiling Face

Previously when I am still ‘fresh’ and young I had ugly face. I can’t remember how much I spend for the acne treatment costs. I even went to specialist for to get medicine for my terrible acne. Maybe because of aging, my problem getting better compare to before. But my skin now becomes sensitive. I can not simply go to do facial because not every products will suit my face. Because of never being pretty before, so I always motivate myself to be self confident that smiling face is much more sweet and better than pretty face. :P


how to make money on ebay said...

It is a great news for you. I agree with your thinking. Don't worry about your skin. Because Its a simple problem.

Chris Stormer said...

It happens with most of us that we get some skin problems as we go elder but getting a skin problem at an early stage is a very big problem. We should consult to big doctors about the problem so that it could be resolved as early as possible.