Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sweet Honeymoon

My colleague Lisa is a lucky woman. Yesterday when she first steps in to office is to share with us her good news. As we all know, her hubby is a romantic guy. He always gives Lisa surprises and makes his wife feel that she is the lucky and happiest woman in the world. Guess what? Her hubby gave her 2 air ticket to Cancun, Mexico. They are going to Cancun vacation on their 15th anniversary. They will spend a week along the peaceful shore of the Caribbean for their second honeymoon. That's really made us envy!

You know why I put this news up? One reason is to let my hubby read this and see what will him going to plan on our coming anniversary. :P


bokjae said...

hi michelle, Gavachon is a good place for honeymoon! trust me leh! check it out at

Michelle Wun said...

Oh, really? I can't wait to check it out now!