Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crazy Rabbit

I am simple and positive thinking person. I easily fall into stress. I hate that because every time I am under pressure, I will become a crazy woman. I will yell out my stress. I will tension all the time. I know I need more patients. I know I have to be control myself because not everybody can accept this kind of people around them. :P

I love this crazy rabbit. This is another way to release my stress. Of course, I will visit this rabbit when I am free only. I have to special thanks to the creator because this rabbit really make me happy all the time. Don't let him catch your mouse pointer! Or else you have to knock him down from the top then only you can get release. Enjoy the fun yourself!

Ophs, I don't think everyone will like such game. Don't call me an idoit because I enjoy it very much. :P


Neo said...

That's a cute rabbit! Thanks... I almost thought I have lost my mouse.

Michelle Wun said...

Hi Neo, thanks for dropping by. This is one of my favorite 'pet'! :D